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The scripture source only shows one reference out of many locations these words are placed.

 Hebrew words and modern English words will be ongoing and added throughout time.

Modern  English
2 Samuel 3:34 Avlah av-lah 5766 evil wicked
Isiaiah 58:9 Aven a-ven 205 vain, van(ity) vanity
Daniel 3:5 Sumponyah soom-pon-yah 5481 symphony bagpipe, dulcimer
Isiaiah 9:5(6) Sar sar 8269 sir prince, chief
Isaiah 9:5(6) Genesis 13:6 Sar Rav sar rav 8269/7227 Sheriff (Medieval Britain
great prince;
great chief
Lev 7:37 Olah olah 5930 ele(vation) burnt offering
Lev 7:37 Minkhah minkhah 4503 munch food offering
Lev 5:1 Khatah khatah 2398 hate sin
Lev 7:37 Asham asham 816 shame, ashame(d) guilt offering
Lev 1:2 Karban karban 7133 carbon offering
Judges 3:19 Sether sether 5643 satire concealed, secret, hidden, hide
Psalm 10:9 Mistar mistar 4565 myster(y) concealment, secret
Num 24:18 Khaiyl khaiyl 2428 hail [as in hail Hit---] valiant, army, valor, ability
1 Sa 2:10 Keren keren 7161 Renaissance-
cornett; Modern- cornet [trumpet];
Cornwall, England
Gen 22:17 Sha'ar sha'ar 8179 shore [as in sea shore] gate
Gen 6:16 Teyvah teyvah 8392 tub ark
Gen 38:29 Parets parets 6555 parts, press
breach, break, press, scatter,
Gen 37:35 Sheol she-ol 7585 soul
[a place for the soul]
sheol, grave, hell, pit
Gen 31:19 Teraphim teraphim 8655 trophy household idols
Gen 1:10 Erets erets 776 earth
(ty Brad Scott)
earth, land, ground, world
Ex 25:10 Aron aron 727 urn ark
Ex 10:9 Khag khag 2282 hog
(as in hogging down food)
Ex 32:4 Maseykhah maseykhah 4541 mask cast image, molten image, libation
Ex 12:15 Se'or se'or 7603 sour; sourdough leaven
Gen 23:4 Kever kever 6913 cover
(as in covering a corpse)
bury, grave, sepulchure
Ex 13:9 Toroth toroth
[from torah]
8451 truth
(ty Brad Scott)
Gen 9:13 Brith brith 1285 Britain; Breton- an ancient tribe covenant
Num 35:16 Barzel barzel 1270 Brazil iron
Gen 8:21 Lev lev 3820 love heart
Lv 25:10 Yovel yovel 3104 bell jubilee, signal, trumpet 
Gen 19:2 Lun Lin lun, lin 3885 lean
(as in leaning back, leaning down)
abide, lie, stay, tarry,
Gen 30:2 Beten beten 990 button
(as in belly button)
womb, belly
Ex 12:12 Avar avar 5674 over cross over, pass, over, go, over
Gen 3:20 Khai khai 2416 hi (or hello)
(when we say "hi" we are saying "life [to you]")
alive, life, living creature, beast
Lev 20:9 Kalal kalal 7043 kill (as in killing through words) curse, despise, vile
Num 23:10 Manah manah 4487 money weigh out, enumerate, count, number
Lev 10:3 Damam damam 1826 dumb dumb, quiet, be silent
Gen 9:20 Kerem kerem 3754 cram
(as in cluster cramming)
So So 6:3 Dode dode 1730 [yo] dude love, lover, uncle
Ex 9:25 Shavar shavar 7665 shiver
(act of shaking)
Neh 10:31 Shever shever 7668 shiver
(shivering stalks)
Gen 41:56 Shavar shavar 7666 shiver
(shiver a deal)
purchase, deal, buy, sell
Is 14:12 Heylal heylal 1966 hell
(Heylal or Lucifer's place)
Heylal (aka Lucifer), sense of brightness
Gen 3:14 46 Arar arar 779 error curse
Gen 31:26 Kherev kherev 2719 carve sword, dagger, knife, tool
2 Sa 22:15 Barak barak 1300 break
(sound of cracking)
Gen 18:7 Bakar bakar 1241 buckaroo
(In Mexican, bukero)
beeve, ox, herd,  bull
Ex 38:24 Shekel shekel 8255 scale shekel, weight
Gen 20:3 Ba'al ba'al
(ba'ali- my ba'al)
1167 bully husband, owner, master, lord
Ex 12:29 Khatsei, Khatsah khatsei,
(as in cut in half)
cut, split, divide, half, middle, mid
Ex 16:15 Mahn mahn 4478 man
(as in "The Son of Man"- "Yeshua")
manna, what
Num 10:33 Tur tur 8446 tour search, seek, spy
Ex 4:6 Sheleg shaleg 7950 slush snow
Gen 15:13 Ger, Geyr ger, geyr 1616 stranger, Germany,
vinegar (stranger wine)
stranger, foreigner, alien, sojourner
Gen 13:7 Reev reev 7379 riff contention, contest, strife
Lev 25:29 Khomah khomah 2346 home wall
Gen 11:7 Sepheth sepheth 8193 spit lip, shore
Lev 14:12 Log log 3849 log log (for measure of liquids), deepen, hollow
Gen 2:24 Ish ish 376 each each, man
Gen 37:34 Sak sak 8242 sack sackcloth
Gen 1:5 Kara kara 7121 cry call, cry, proclaim
Gen 3:8 Kol kol 6963 call call aloud, voice, sound, cry
Ex 9:5 Moeyd moeyd 4150 mode, mood appointment, time, season, 
1 Sa 25:22 Shathan shathan 8366 stain to make water, urinate, piss
1 Ki 20:43 Sar sar 5620 sorrow, sore peevish, heavy, sad
Ex 20:4 Pesel pesel 6459 vessel, pestle idol, carved (graven) image
Ex 8:26 sakal sakal 5619 skull to be weighty, stoning [at their heads]
De 18:3 keyvah keyvah 6896 cave, (cavity- hole in the teeth) stomach (the cave of your body)
2 Sa 24:2 shut shute 7751 shoot (as in leave) push forth,
go about,
2 Sa 23:20 shaleg shaleg 7950 slush snow
Gen 25:23 parad parad 6504 parade break, diverse, divide (break forth down the street)
1 Ki 5:22 b'rosh b'rosh 1265 brush Juniper (brush) tree
1 Ki 5:27 mas mas 4522 mass (of people) labor force (mass force)
1 Ki 5:3 avas avas 75 obese fattened
2 Sa 18:21 ruts roots 7323 rush (as in hurry) ran
2 Sa 17:29 ra'eyv ra'eyv 7457 rav(ished) hungry
2 Sa 13:4 dahl dahl 1800 dull puny
2 Sa 8:7 shelet shelet 7982 shield shield
1 Sa 8:13 aphah aphah (lohph- of ohph)  644 loaf baker (of bread)
1 Sa 3:15 marah marah 4759 mirror vision
Gen 41:8 khartom khartom 2748 cartoon magician
Ex 6:12 areyl areyl 6189 oral loose, uncircumcised
Ex 9:18 barad barad 1259 broad (in size) hail
Ex 9:23 matar matar 4305 matter (in substance) rain
Ex 12:9 na na 4995 gnaw (chew, like a jerky) tough, uncooked, raw
Ex 12:8 m'ror m'ror/mar(ah) 4844/4751 mar
(as in afflicting)
Ex 14:22 khomah khomah 2346 home wall
Ex 14:22 s'mol s'mol 8040 small (lesser side) left (hand). The right hand would be consider the larger or power hand. The left is the smaller or weaker hand.
Ex 23:18 kheylev kheylev 2459 club (as in club sandiwch, a fat sandwich fat
Deut 15:1 sh'mitah sh'mitah 8059 smite remission (of debts); release
Jer 48:2 madmeyn madmeyn 4086 madmen madmen, dunghill
Ex 26:17 shalav shalav 7947 slab (as a slab of wood) equality distant; set in order (wood working)
Ex 29:12 y'sod y'sode 3247 sod base; foundation; bottom
Ex 25:30 panah panah 6437 pan; pan [French for bread- taken from bread of faces. Ex 25:30] face; behold; branch; apart; alone; bar
Ex 25:27 bahd bahd 905 body poles; alone
Ex 26:15 keresh keresh 7175 crash (like crashing boards) board; slab; plank; bench
Ex 28:16 kaphal kaphal 3717 couple (an act to attach) couple; double
Ex 29:2 rakik rakik 7550 cake [without the "r"] thin cake; cake; wafer
Ex 29:22 shoke shoke 7785 shake (as in shaking or shrugging the shoulder) shoulder; hip; leg; thigh
Ex 29:24 kaph kaph 3709 cup (as in palm of a hand) palm; hand; sole; bowl
Ex 35:35 arag arag 707 rug weaver
Ex 35:22 nezem nezem 5141 nose [without the "m"] nose ring'; ear ring; jewel
Ex 38:25 beka bekah 1235 buck (as in dollar) half a shekel (a weight and a coin);
Le 11:9 s'napir s'napir 5579 snapper (as in red snapper fins
Le 11:3 paras paras 6536 parse (breaking down a English sentence) divide
Le 13:33 nega nega 5061 the "N" word
This is one word I wish did not come from the Hebrew.
Le 8:12 yatsak yatsak 3332 soak (without the yod) pour
Num 22:4 l'khakh l'khakh 3897 lick lick
Num 23:4 arak arak 6186 erect set, arrange, order, prepare 
Gen 41:7 bari baree (in the actual verse, b'rioth) 1277 burrito fat
Gen 30:6 (30:5 English) nu nu 5106 No! deny, refuse, forbid, dissalow, make of none effect 
Num 24:17 sheth sheth 8351 (a cuss word) tumult, waste, desolation
Job 31:36 Aterah atarah 5850 tierra crown
Deu 4:16 Semel semel 5566 small (in size) likeness, idol, image
Ex 20:7 Shav shav 7723 shove (as in shoving it aside) vain, vanity, lying, uselessness
Deu 9:12 Yarad yarad 3381 raid (as attack) descend, going down, cast down, run down, subdue, bring down
Deu 11:16 Patah pathah 6601 patio roomy, deceive, allure, entice, flatter
Deu 11:16 Patah pathah 6601 fat roomy, enlarge
Deu  15:15 Padah padah 6299 paid ransom, redeem, rescue, preserve, release
Deu 13:9 Kasah kasah 3680 case cover, conceal, close, hide
Deu 25:13 Keese keese 3599 case bag (of weights), cup, purse
Deu 23:26 Kamah Kamah (In the actual Hebrew verse 'kamath') 7054 kamut (cereal and grain) grain, stalk of grain, kernel
Deu 27:15 Kharash kharash 2796/2790 crush (stones) mason, craftsman, articifer, engraver, scratch, engrave
Deu 28:27 Kheres kheres 2775 harass scrape, itch
Deu 28:39 Agar agar 103 agro, agriculture harvest, gather
Deu 31:26/Ex 30:4 Tsad tsad 6654 side side
Deu 31:29 Ka'as ka'as 3707 cuss trouble, rage, indignation, wrath
Deu 32:22 Lahat lahat 3857 hot (without the Lamed) blaze, burn, set on fire, flame, kindle
Gen 31:16 Natsal natsal (in actual word "hatseel") 5337 steal snatch away, spoil, strip, take out, take away
Gen 30:18 Sakhar sakhar 7939/7936 score reward, purchase, earn, hire
Gen 28:18 Yatsak yastak 3332 soak pour, pour out, run out
Gen 27:43 Barakh barakh 1272 break bolt, flee, chase, drive away, flight, run away
Gen 27:4 Matam matam 4303 meat (without the mem) delicacies, savory meat
1 Sa 14:24 Ta'am ta'am 2938 tummy taste
Gen 31:34 Kar kar 3733 car camel saddle, plumpness, ram
Gen 31:41 Moneh moneh 4489 many a portion of time, instance, time
Gen 49:13 Khoph khoph 2348 cove cove, shore, coast
Gen 49:24 Pazaz pazaz 6339 pizzazz spring, leap, made strong
Ex 28:32 Arag arag 707 rug weaver
Ex 30:23 Mohr mohr 4753 myrrh myrrh
Ex 30:23 Keenamohn keenamohn 7076 cinnamon cinnamon
Ex 30:34 Khel'banah khel-b'nah 2464 galbanum galbanum
Lev 25:43 Radah radah 7287 raid tread, prevail, reign
Gen 7:1 Dahr dahr 1755 door (as in entering into another existance) age, generation
(thank you Yair Davidiy)
Gen 49:6 Kahal Kahal 6951 call assembly
(thank you Yair Davidiy)
Is 58:12 Gadar gadar 1443 gather fence, hedge, inclose, mason, repairer
(thank you Yair Davidiy)
Lev 19:20 Khoreph kharaph 2778 harp pull off, betroth, reproach
(thank you Yair Davidiy)
Is 24:1 Balak balak 1110 black annihilate, waste
(thank you Yair Davidiy)
Job 33:21 Sh'phee, Sh'phah sh'phee/sh'phah 8205/8192 shape bareness, stick out, abrade
(thank you Yair Davidiy)
1 Ki 20:6 Makh-mahd makh-mahd 4261 Mohammed delight, desire, pleasant
(thank you Yair Davidiy)


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