The first part of the process began with a thought in 2008 to compile all the Aleph-Tavs in the Tanakh. The next idea was to put it on a website for anyone to access
them. Based on The Aleph-Tav Reference, I decided to call the name of the website "The Aleph-Tav Project". Although  it is based on the focus of the Aleph-Tavs, other information is included as well.

The purpose of the website evolved into the realization in what I had learned from our Hebraic roots teachers. They have helped me throughout the years with their insight and research including their understanding of the Aleph-Tavs.

 Yeshua is the Aleph- the beginning- and the Tav -the end-, this is what Yeshua said in Revelation 22:13:  “I am the Aleph and the Tav
(in Greek the "Alpha and Omega") the beginning and the end, the fist and the last”. As we now have learned, the end (Tav) is declared from the beginning (Aleph).

As years passed, it developed within me the desire to share my knowledge and insights.

I thank all of them for their teachings and knowledge that hwhy has revealed to them. So I am presenting what I have gleaned from their inspiration as well as my own.  

I hope this website will be beneficial to you. I am still in the preliminary steps on this website, and I am just starting to put some items in, but more will be added. I am doing this on my own, so it will take me some time. 

I am not an educated scholar, but I am learning as I go along, as our Hebraic roots teachers say they are doing as well. 

hwhy bless you in searching out this website.

Thank you and shalom.


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